The Third Era of the D.Z.F. (1995-2004)

In the year 1995 Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Kay Brune became the chairman of the foundation’s board.

A newly formulated foundation certificate was accepted by the supervisory authority which was then still located in Chur. In the certificate the composition of the foundation’s board as well as the foundation’s aims and the permissible methods with which these aims can be achieved were stipulated. For example, applications for financial support by members of the foundation’s board were excluded.

It was of great importance to H. Doerenkamp to stipulate that primates, dogs, cats, rabbits and pigs as highly developed animals should profit especially from the foundation’s activities. Furthermore, it was recorded that an annual prize should be awarded to exceptional researchers whose scientific work serves or served the 3R-principle (replace, reduce, refine) in a special way. Financial support was made possible for medium-term or short-term projects in the areas of education, information transfer, the development of technology and methodology and for innovative research.

Long-term funding of research on the use of the NMR-I-method as a non-invasive, i.e. less stressful, research method requiring fewer animals was developed in a co-operation between the company Siemens and Professor J. Seelig, Biocentre of the University of Basel, Switzerland.