University Chairs and Project Overview


2013-2015 Development of a comprehensive test battery for neuroteratogenicity
Marcel Leist

“A Transatlantic Think Tank of Toxicology (T4)”
Thomas Hartung, Marcel Leist, Bas Blaauboer and Alan Goldberg
2011-2014   Human dopaminergic neurons (LUHMES cells) as substitute for transgenic animal models in neurodegenerative disease and as platform to map pathways of toxicity
Marcel Leist and Stefan Schildknecht
2012-2014 First in vitro approaches to address repeat dose - long-term toxicity
Marcel Leist
2012-2013 Virtual Pharmacology Lab - a repository of free educational resources to support animal-free pharmacology teaching
David Dewhurst
2012-2013   Identification of biomarkers for human neurodevelopmental nanotoxicity (Nano-DNT) in a hESC-derived in vitro model
Suzanne Kadereit and Marcel Leist
2011-2012   Development of a high-throughput in vitro system to test the carcinogenic potential of chemicals
Pablo Steinberg

 Modeling of pathways of developmental neurotoxicity as pilot of a paradigm shift for regulatory safety assessments of chemicals -creation of the ReTox-21c Centre-
Thomas Hartung
2010   Replace animal use in teaching in Eastern European Universities
David Dewhurst and Zvezdana Kojic
2009-2011   Pierre Cosson
Production of recombinant antibodies
2009-2011   Stefan Schildknecht
Establihtshment and valdation of an improved in vitro model of the blood brain barrier
2009-2011   Suzanne Kadereit
Development of in vitro embrionic stem cell-based cell assays to screen for toxicity of emerging nanomaterials
2009-2011   Coenraad F.M. Hendriksen
Development of in vitro quality control tests to replace animal based potency tests for diphtheria and tetanus toxoid vaccines

Development of an in vitro method for the determination of tetanus toxicity in tetanus vaccines

Karin Weisser and Beate Krämer 

2008   David Dewhurst and Zvezdana Kojic
Replacing animal use in teaching in Eastern European universities
2008-2010   Marcel Leist and Stefan Schildknecht
Human dopaminergic neurons as substitute for animal models of Parkinson’s disease and for transgenic models with modified expression of PARK genes
Short title: Replacement of animal experiments in Parkinson’s research
DZ chair on alternatives, University of Konstanz, Germany
  Marcel Leist and Suzanne Kadereit
In vitro cell differentiation assays to replace rodent and
companion animal use in tests of neurotoxicity and embryotoxicity
DZ chair on alternatives, University of Konstanz, Germany
  Troy Seidle
Analysis of current reproductive toxicity assessments to reduce animal use.
Troy Seidle, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, will do this work during two years at ECVAM, Ispra, Italy
2007   Barbara M. Rothen-Rutishauser
Use of a particle exposure system to investigate the inflammation and toxicity of nanoparticles in an epithelial airway barrier model.
Institute of Anatomy, Division of Histology, University of Bern, Switzerland
2007   Michaela Zorn-Kruppa and Heike Scholz
Cytokine secretion profiles of immortalized human corneal cells and three-dimensional human corneal constructs. 
Animal Welfare Academy (German Animal Welfare Federation), Neubiberg, Germany
2007   I-CARE
First National Congress on Alternatives in India, 29-31 January 2007
2007   InterNICHE
Outreach and resources to catalyse widespread replacement in education in Latin America
2006   ProteoSys AG
Stem cell-based in vitro models as a basis to test efficacies of preclinical phases of anti-neurodegenerative treatments
Continuation of a hitherto existing project furthered by the Foundation SET, Frankfurt, Germany
  Angelo Vedani
Validation of virtual test kits for predicting harmful effects triggered by drugs and chemicals.
Biografiklabor 3R, Basel, Switzerland
2006   InterNICHE
Translation English-Spanish of the book "From Guinea Pig to Computer Mouse"
2004    Doris Höschele
Investigating Mitochondrial Toxicity of HIV-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors in ovo
2001   C. Ross Ethier
Human Anterior Segment Model for Myocilin Perfusion
2000   Karim R. Sultan
Implementation of in vitro techniques in courses on laboratory animal science
2000   Jan van der Valk / David Dewhurst
The European resource centre for alternatives in education (eurca)
1998   Günter Niemeyer
Effects of changes in blood-glucose level on the function of the mammlain retina in vivo and in vitro
1996   C. Ross Ethier
Non-Invasive Blood Flow Modelling Studies
1996   Joachim Seelig
Development of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy as Non-Invasive Tools for Animal Diagnostics
1994   Mario Raggenbass
Cellular electrophysiology of mammalian motoneurones: an in vitro approach using brainstem slices of the rat
1994   Richard T. Robertson
Tissue slice culture model for studies of neural degeneration and regeneration
1994   Michael Sittinger
In vitro synthesis of vital human tissues using resorbable biocompatible polymer fleeces and perfusion culture systems to replace large animal experiments
1994   Scott M. Thompson
Hippocampal slice cultures: an in vitro alternative for studying anti-convulsant withdrawal seizures
1991   Gerard J. Mulder
Flow Cytometer
1990   Arie Bruinink
Investigation of neurotoxic compounds using serum-free cultures of embryonic chick neuronal retina, brain, RPE and meninges cells