The Fourth Era of the D.Z.F. (since 2005)

By financing the Foundation-Chair at the University of Erlangen (Doerenkamp-Chair for Innovations in Animal and Consumer Protection), which mainly worked on imaging techniques in biomedical research, H. Doerenkamp made a large contribution to Refinement of animal experiments, especially with regard to pain research.

At the end of 2004, H. Doerenkamp charges the scientific head of the Zurich-based foundation „Fund for Animal-free Research, FFVFF“ and editor of the journal ALTEX (Alternatives to animal experiments), private lecturer Dr. med. vet. Dr. habil. Franz P. Gruber, to reorganise the DZ Foundation and to focus it exclusively on the Replacement and the Reduction of animal experiments. In future, the Foundation shall only deal with the other two „Rs“, as the foundress feels that enough has been done for Refinement by the installation of the Doerenkamp-Chair in Erlangen.

Together with H. Doerenkamp and the Zurich-based lawyer Dr. iur. Peter Krepper, Franz P. Gruber formulated a new foundation certificate as well as the first regulations on research furtherance, investment strategy and on the internal interactions between the foundation organs. The foundation base was transferred from Chur to Zurich and entered into the commercial registry.

For the first time, the foundation capital may be used to keep contractual commitments. All changes have been approved by the Swiss supervisory authority in Bern.

The Konstanz-based lawyer and chartered accountant Norbert Linke was appointed to the foundation board to advise on financial matters. At the meeting of the Foundation Board in April 2006 an additional specialist in financial matters was elected: the signing clerk Eduard Wolf.

At the foundation board meeting in August 2005, on occasion of the 5th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences in Berlin, Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Hartung (Head of ECVAM) was additionally voted on to the foundation board.

Since then, all applications to the Foundation are handled strictly according to the new furtherance regulations.

In 2006, a „Foundation-Professorship for In vitro Methods for the Replacement of Animal Experiments“ was installed at the University of Konstanz. The contract with the Thurgau Foundation for Science and Research was already signed in July 2003. Since April 2006 Marcel Leist is "Dorenkamp-Zbinden Professor" at the University of Konstanz and since November 2006 also Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the foundation.

The exceptionally good start of the chair at the University of Konstanz motivated the foundress to encourage the decision to place the emphasis of the foundation's work on the establishment of further university chairs.

Since then the following chairs have been established:

Utrecht University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
"Doerenkamp-Zbinden (full-)Professorship for Alternative Methods in Toxicology Inauguration: 6 November 2008
Term: 2008 to 2014

Université de Geneve, Faculté de Médecine 
Together with the Egon-Naef Foundation
"Doerenkamp-Naef-Zbinden (full-)Professorship on Alternative Methods to Animal Experimentation"
Inauguration: 5 March 2009
Term: 2009 to 2014

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
"Doerenkamp-Zbinden Endowed Chair for Evidence-based Toxicology". Inauguration: 12 May 2009.

Term: permanently established for as long as the Johns Hopkins University exists.

Mahatma Ghandi-Doerenkamp Center for Alternatives to Animal Use in Life Science Education (MGDC)

Inauguration: 2 October 2009

Term: 2009 to 2014