The Second Era of the D.Z.F. (1993-1995)

G. Zbinden passed away in 1993 and a reorganisation of the foundations became necessary, which was reached by the fusion of the two primary foundations. His long-standing confidant, Beat Gähwiler, took over the position of chairperson of the foundation board and in the following years led the foundation in the spirit of Gerhard Zbinden.

The foundation’s capital had increased so substantially that up to 12 research projects could be supported per year. The selection was made on the basis of the submitted proposals in an intensive discussion between the scientists and the lay-persons on the foundation’s board. Next to these activities, scholarships for undergraduates and Ph.D. students were awarded at the institute in Schwerzenbach/Zurich which had been co-founded by Gerhard Zbinden. Numerous publications from that time period were the results of the foundation’s support.

B. Gähwiler’s interest in neurobiology lead to new focuses in this area. A CD-ROM from that time put together by B. Gähwiler documents the endeavours to develop alternative methods.