DZ Prizes

The origins of the DZ Foundation (DZF) lie in the award of a yearly prize for distinguished services to animal protection in science. Despite repeated reorientation of the Foundation, this prize has always been retained. The prize serves public relations, raises the level of awareness but also defines the Foundation’s position.

Single persons, teams as well as institutions can be suggested for the prize. The suggestions are treated confidentially.

Suggestions for the prize are to be made by the members of the Foundation Board (FB) and the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the DZF. Suggestions for the yearly prize may be made by the 15th of December of the previous year.

If by the 15th of December no convincing suggestions for a laureate have been made to the FB, the prize is not awarded in the following year.

The scientific achievements which may lead to the award of the DZ-Prize must conform to the furtherance guidelines of the DZF.

Next to scientists, persons in the fields of animal protection or philosophy and public persons may be awarded the DZ-Prize in so far as they have distinguished themselves in the sense of the replacement and reduction of animal experiments.

The prize is to be awarded in a dignified ceremony. Scientific meetings such as CAAT and CAAT Europe events are preferred.

The prize is bestowed with 25.000 CHF and can be divided.


Laureates of the DZF:

2011    Sonja Jeram (Slovenia) 

2010    Michael Balls (UK)

2010    Walter Pfaller (Austria)

2009    Cross-agency workgroup (US EPA): Tox21

2007    Günter Verheugen, Vice President of the European Commission (EU)

2007    zet (Austria) and Animal Welfare Academy (Germany)

2006    David Dewhurst (UK)

2005    Manfred Liebsch (Germany) and Herman B. W. M. Koëter (Italy)

2004    Franz P. Gruber (Switzerland)

2002    Coenraad Hendriksen (The Netherlands)

2001    Alan Goldberg and Ian Kimber (USA)

2000    Horst Spielmann (Germany) and Vera Rogier (Belgium)

1999    Andrew Rowan (USA)

1998    Bert van Zutphen (The Netherlands)

1997    Michael Irwin, Carl Pinkert and R. Moffatt (USA)

1996    Albrecht Wendel and Thomas Hartung (Germany)

1990    Paul Flecknell (UK)

1989    Beat Gaehwiler (Switzerland) and Harvey S. Singer (USA)

1988    Charles E. Branch (USA)

1987    James E. Heavner (USA)